Don't watch Youtube Videos. Do this instead

There is an easy way to self motivate yourself

Self Motivate yourself to work on your career goals instead of watching youtube videos.

It requires right questions to ask:

I call it as Mental Hooks. A motivating factor that provokes thoughts in our mind and drives us in right direction.

Here are the sample mental hooks:

  1. On your Death Bed, What made you proud of your life?

  2. What is the One Word your name synonym for?

  3. If you have unlimited time and money, you have to serve one industry which you love, which industry you will pick?

  4. Where is your most TIME, MONEY, FOCUS AND SPACE utilising?

Don't watch youtube or short videos too much.

Find what motivates you?

  1. Family

  2. Great Lifestyle

  3. Debt free Retirement

  4. Adventure etc.,

What is motivating you to go to office everyday?

Use that as a motivating factor and work accordingly.

You will be inspired by Progress, not with external stuff.

Start something very small.. Put the phone away, tell your people you're busy for 1 hour, mute the notifications and DO THE WORK

See the SMILE in your face after 1 hour of focus. I promise, it is called Real Progress.  PRIORITIZE the FOCUS  daily

Use that as a motivating factor to build up that momentum.

Ask Yourself - What's your Biggest Mental Hook to Make money?

Your Productivity Expert,

Ramesh Yadav

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