Stop Reading Books

Do this Instead

Stop Reading Books...

Instead, Follow this THE COMMITMENT Rule

Most people think - The growth lies in learning new things.

It is the biggest killer to your growth.

This is why we purchase books, courses, certifications etc.,

But, you know what happens next?

- Lazy to open them

- Only Learning

- Little (or NO) Implementation

After the initial excitement was gone, we were stuck in distractions and routine life.

I called it an Information Overload.

Instead, Do this filter test before you purchase & consume any type of content including books.

Q1: Is this something I want for the Long Term?

Q2: Is this implementable immediately in my current life?

Q3: Will it give the immediate results that I’m looking for?

Anywhere the answer is NO, don’t go for it.

Only pick and read the book which is long-term (evergreen), easy to implement, and gives you damn results in the shortest time possible.

This is the difference between SHOWING INTEREST vs THE COMMITMENT.

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