Achieve work life balance with this ONE rule

The art of Modern Rest

Achieve work life balance with this ONE rule

This causes you burnout everyday…

Work life balance makes your life enjoyable.

Else, work becomes exhausting, burnout and boring. Due to busy schedule and handling multiple projects and multiple areas of life, we often forget to take breaks.

In every sports, Award Winning Athletes & Their Coaches told - Rest is as important as work.

It applicable to everyone including to you!

I have one SIMPLE RULE to achieve work life balance.

In my community productivity empire, I often emphasize this rule a lot.

When I started my productive journey, I used work very hard 16 hours a day: 8 hours for software job and 8 hours for productivity empire. I really vexed up with my work daily 24/7 - no breaks, no vacations, no fun , no family etc.,

I almost burnt out.

One day I got a mild heart stroke that made my body numb for 1 hour.

That one hour - I thought I would die.

Fortunately not :)

I learnt a great lesson..

Work in Cycles.

Instead of working 4 to 5 hours without breaks, consciously build the schedule to take 30 minutes break for every 90 minutes of work.

Work could be problem solving, learning or meeting with others.

Break could be breathing, having some food/drink & rest etc.,

So that, you can give enough recharge time for your body and mind.

We are all knowledge workers now a days. We work with our mind.

To make the maximum out of it, we must give some relief time to it. When you stress out your mind too much without breaks, it leads to headaches, chest pain and heart stroke etc.,


More work you do, more work you will get from people.

More you say YES, more you have to say YES to people.

Have a conscious clarity on your work life balance.

I have a simple rule for balance breaks:

  • 1 hour break per day - <8 to 9pm - entertainment>

  • 1 day per week -

  • 5 days per quarter -

  • 2 weeks per year -

Finally, work in cycles, 90mins work-30mins break or 25mins work-5mins break etc.,

You never felt burnt out in your life.

Answer this question: - Do you have work life balance? If not, why?

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